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Nitter Scraper

Nitter Scraper is for anyone who enjoys the twitter-scraper library. Nitter Scraper leverages running a local docker container instance of nitter to scrape a users tweets and profile information without the twitter api ratelimit. This api works similar to the twitter-scraper project with a few differences.

Docker Engine

For the best experience use this library with Docker Engine properly installed. The NitterScraper manager will start, stop and remove a docker instance of nitter. If you can't run docker you can import the get_tweets and get_profile functions to scrape from

Getting Started


  • Docker Engine
  • Python ^3.7


pip install nitter-scraper

How to Scrape a twitter users profile information.

from pprint import pprint

from nitter_scraper import NitterScraper

with NitterScraper(host="", port=8008) as nitter:
    profile = nitter.get_profile("dgnsrekt")
    print("serialize to json\n")
    print("serialize to a dictionary\n")


$ python3 examples/
2020-09-21 18:11:23.429 | INFO     | nitter_scraper.nitter:_get_client:31 - Docker connection successful.
2020-09-21 18:11:25.102 | INFO     | nitter_scraper.nitter:start:135 - Running container infallible_noyce 91122c9b7b.
serialize to json

    "username": "DGNSREKT",
    "name": "DGNSREKT",
    "profile_photo": "/pic/profile_images%2F1307990704384245760%2FSBVd3XT6.png",
    "tweets_count": 2897,
    "following_count": 904,
    "followers_count": 117,
    "likes_count": 4992,
    "is_verified": false,
    "banner_photo": "/pic/profile_banners%2F2474416796%2F1600684261%2F1500x500",
    "biography": "BITCOIN IS DEAD AGAIN. :(",
    "user_id": 2474416796,
    "location": "Moon",
    "website": ""
serialize to a dictionary

{'banner_photo': '/pic/profile_banners%2F2474416796%2F1600684261%2F1500x500',
 'biography': 'BITCOIN IS DEAD AGAIN. :(',
 'followers_count': 117,
 'following_count': 904,
 'is_verified': False,
 'likes_count': 4992,
 'location': 'Moon',
 'name': 'DGNSREKT',
 'profile_photo': '/pic/profile_images%2F1307990704384245760%2FSBVd3XT6.png',
 'tweets_count': 2897,
 'user_id': 2474416796,
 'username': 'DGNSREKT',
 'website': ''}
2020-09-21 18:11:25.905 | INFO     | nitter_scraper.nitter:stop:139 - Stopping container infallible_noyce 91122c9b7b.
2020-09-21 18:11:31.284 | INFO     | nitter_scraper.nitter:stop:142 - Container infallible_noyce 91122c9b7b Destroyed.

Next step run the examples

NitterScraper Limitation

  • About max 800 tweets per user.
  • Unable to scrape trends from nitter.
  • To scrape the user_id the user must have a banner photo. If the banner photo url isn't present the user_id will be none.
  • The user_id cannot be scraped from the tweets.
  • birthday and is_private are not implemented in the profile.

Contact Information

Telegram = Twitter = Tradingview = Discord = @dgnsrekt

Email =